Non-Machined 6″ Kart Wheel

The Van-K Non-Machined 6″ Wheel gives the hobby, beginner and amateur kart racer an economical solution for a reliable wheel product. This non-machined wheel is of classic design, lightweight and T-6 strong. A fine solution for the racer looking to … Read More

PRO-MAXX 6″ Kart Wheel

The Van-K PRO-MAXX wheel is the strongest, truest kart wheel ever made. The outer half has a large bell shape at the largest possible diameter for maximum rigidity. We then designed the wheel to drop down to the weld at … Read More

P-Zero PRO-Series 6″ Kart Wheel

The Van-K PRO-SERIES kart wheel is the perfect option for a high-precision, zero-runout wheel for oval-track dirt karting applications. Our proprietary NC machines make all our Pro Series wheels so accurate that we can’t measure the runout! The 10” wheel … Read More