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Addition of New Okuma LB3000 CNC Lathe

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Van-K New Okuma CNC MachineVan-K Wheels is pleased to announce the addition of a new Okuma LB3000 EX II CNC lathe to its growing arsenal of machinery dedicated to producing the best aluminum kart and quarter-midget wheels on the market.

“We made the decision on this CNC lathe because it can machine a wheel completely – in one operation – faster and more accurately than anything else we considered,” Van-K owner Brian Bass said. “Many thanks to everyone at Okuma in Charlotte and Morris South. This has been in the works now for three months and we’re very proud to make this announcement.”

This piece of equipment will substantially increase Van-K’s capacity on all dirt-oval machined wheels, the company’s most demanded product. This includes the popular Pro Maxx and P-Zero 6” lines. Accuracy and consistency will be improved, as well, resulting in an even better product that will help fulfill the supply for the growing demand in the speedway oval karting industry.

The addition of the Okuma LB3000 is just the latest step in the line of improvements Van-K has made in recent years. Two years ago, a new router table was purchased that revolutionized the way all spinning blanks were made. Last year, Van-K purchased a Fanuc welding robot that greatly improved the welding process on wheels.

Van-K Wheels is committed to investing as much as possible in the quest to produce the best product in the industry.


Van-K Wheels, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of aluminum wheels for the quarter-midget and kart racing industries. Founded as VanK Engineering in 1978 by Mike VanK in Pomona, Calif., the company grew throughout the late ‘70s and 1980s to become a leader in aluminum karting wheels.

In 2006, Van-K relocated to Denver, N.C., to be closer to the hotbed of kart racing. In 2010, Brian Bass (with wife, Natalie) purchased the business and renamed it to Van-K Wheels. The line of oval-track and road course kart and quarter-midget wheels has grown in popularity and production since, and Van-K continues to work toward and look forward to a prosperous future.