One step under our Flagship P-Zero line, the Van-K "Select" wheel offers nearly the same benefits.

Our exclusive "Fits Any Tire" bead seat area will keep any tire firmly against the lip. With more sizes to choose from, this line gives racers more tuning options.

Two different Bolt patterns also allow for 1/4" or 5/16" studs, no modifications necessary. Available in our Satin Black Anodized finish.

All wheels built with American 3 x 2.50" bolt pattern 1.75" register.

Black Anodized "Select" Kart Racing Wheel
225.6500.25 6 5  2-1/2 Black Van-K 6" PRO-MAXX Black 345.6825.3
225.6550.25 6 5-1/2  2-1/2 Black
225.6600.2 6 6  2 Black
225.6725.25 6 7-1/4  2-1/2 Black
225.6850.35 6 8-1/2 3-1/2 Black
225.6850.4 6 9-1/2 4 Black

Our products are often used racing applications, which can be a dangerous sport. Any purchaser assumes all liabilities concerning the use of VanK Wheels products.

VanK Wheels assumes no liability for warranties expressed or implied for any of our products.